Venue Description

The venue for the ICSM 2010 is the building of the Faculty for Automation and Computer Engineering, located very close to Timișoara’s historical center (7 min. walk), in a space full of parks that guard the Bega river’s main channel. ICSM will be hosted by the building of the of the Faculty for Automation and Computer Engineering.


The building has been recently renovated and equipped. The "Alexandru Rogojan" has 340 seats and it will host the ICSM keynotes as well as one of the main ICSM tracks, and probably some of the co-located events. The "Plautius Andronescu" amphitheater has 170 seats and it will host some of the ICSM tracks as well as some of the co-located events. Finally, the A150 amphitheater (112 seats) will be used for the cases where more than two tracks have to run in parallel.


The lobby will be used for permanently displaying the posters, as well as for the tool demos. Last, but not least, it’s a great place for chatting... The other side of the lobby will be used for the registration desks... and we will take care to have sufficient registration desks working in parallel to avoid the inconvenience of you waiting too long.



The campus features a park that is located exactly behind the building that will host ICSM. Participants will have free access to the stadium (for jogging or playing soccer).


Lunch will be served at Bănățeana Restaurant, across the street from the venue place (2-3 min. walk), close to the Bega Channel. The restaurant offers over 200 seats both inside and in the open (if the weather allows it).


Finally, high-speed wireless internet connection will be available free of charge for all conference participants in an around the entire building (including the park), during the entire conference week.