Also known as "Little Vienna" because of its beautiful architecture and squares or as the "City of Parks", because of the numerous parks, Timișoara was the first in Europe to boast electrical street lighting.

Take a look at these nice photographs of some of the city’s main attractions...


Timișoara is a remarkable city, with bohemian squares, plenty of parks, baroque buildings, and above all a fresh spirit. Timișoara is called "Little Vienna", due to its many buildings and squares reminding of Vienna. The historical center of Timișoara has several beautiful squares with an amazing atmosphere, especially the Union and the Victory squares. The latter is the place where in 1989 the Romanian anti-communist movement started.


You can visit the Orthodox and the Roman Catholic cathedrals, visit the Huniade Castle, or enjoy the special atmosphere in the Baroque Palace that hosts the Art Museum.


Parks... Parks... Parks. The entire historical center of Timișoara (i.e. where the venue for the ICSM is located) is surrounded by a chain of parks. You can literally walk from one park to another.


The recently opened ZOO is not very big, but it is a very pleasant place to spend an enjoyable afternoon. You will relax, and your children will be delighted.


The oldest Romanian beer factory (since 1718) is in Timișoara. You can visit the beer garden close to the factory and enjoy this great local beer. You should also visit some of the many nice (or fancy) restaurants, bars, and clubs that surround the Union Square.


One more thing...Here is a short video clip about the city, passionately presented by the American journalist Harry W. Morgan (Reader’s Digest):

Timișoara Live

Take a look at live pictures from the Victory Square and Union Square in Timisoara.

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